Wars are the major basis by which armies thrive. Armies declare war on other armies for multiple reasons -- one of the first major wars was fought when ACP battled UMA over their "hacking" of Club Penguin. 

Nowadays, wars are fought for a plethora of reasons, including disputes among owners, need for servers, or sometimes, for no reason at all. To the right is a screenshot of ACP vs. the Night Warriors during the Invasion of Brumby, a climax point during the ACP/NW war of 2011. 

World Wars

To date, six World Wars have been fought in armies. Beginning the Color Wars, these month-long conflicts have changed the way we see armies forever. They have brought fame to new people and defeat to long-powerful armies, and most of all, they have made history. The articles on all six World Wars are below. 

  • World War I -- The Color Wars
  • World War II -- The Clan Wars 
  • World War III -- UMA vs. ACP
  • World War IV -- The Great Alliance vs. ACP
  • World War V -- Night Warriors & Nachos vs. ACP
  • World War VI -- Black Alliance vs. White Alliance

Other Notable Wars

There have been a number of other wars fought throughout these many years that are not categorized as World Wars, however they have shaped armies and do deserve to be remembered. The pages on those wars are as follows. 

  • Tundra Wars Part I: Watex Warriors vs. Club Penguin Armies
  • Tundra Wars Part II: Watex Warriors vs. Black Bandits vs. FGR vs. RPF
  • ACP vs. Nacho Wars
  • Order 67