• Mike (Mrgpv)

    I made all of the armies' pages that we had listed, and I found their banners (or close to it). All we need to do is add the information about the army, and their list of leaders.

    For the smaller armies, we can just take the info off of the "armies" page at CPAC, but for the bigger armies,(ie ACP, Nachos, IW, UMA) we should try to get more information. We could also ask ex-legends/leaders to write about the army. More pictures should be added of events for the larger armies.

    For the List of Leaders, we can just take it off of the "leaders" page at CPAC. I like the idea of using the graph for the leaders, but should we include the year(s) they served, or a short biography, or something else? Reply if you have any  ideas or suggestions. 

    I will…

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