The current layout of a Top 10

The Top 10 commonly refers to CPAC's weekly grading system, but has also been used by all news sites -- see SMAC. The Top 10 is released every Sunday by both CPAC and SMAC, and is meant to serve as the stats of how armies performed throughout the week. While CPAC and SMAC claim no "official voice" on their Top 10s, many armies use it as a way to gauge their performance throughout the week.Edit


CPAC's Top 10 originally started out as a section in the "CPA Weekly". The first ever recorded CPAC Top 10 was on August 5th, 2009. 

As CPAC became more and more important, Woton eventually scrapped the "CPA Weekly" idea and the Top 10 became a post itself, with Sklooperis greatly innovating Woton's Top 10 format after becoming CPAC CEO. Skloop not only innovated the design of the posts, but came up with the original "formula" that has only been slightly changed since 2011. 

The Top 10 design seen today on CPAC was innovated by Kingfunks4 and Bluesockwa2. The only edit to the Top 10 formula since its creation by Sklooperis in 2011 was the removal of the "10 points for amount of posts per week". These 10 points were replaced in a decision by Bluesockwa1 and now account for the amount of events an army has weekly. 


  • The original "CPA Weekly", which included the Top 10, was released every Saturday.
  • The Top 10 is now released every Sunday in its own specific post.
  • 13 armies have made 1st in CPAC Top 10: Army of CP, Nachos, Ice Warriors, Night Warriors, Golden Troops, Light Troops, Dark Warriors, Shadow Troops, Doritos, Army Republic, SWAT,Hot Sauce Army and Rebel Penguin Federation.